​4 things you should know about building a concrete pool

Опубликовано Январь 15, 2020 – 20:22

4 things you should know about building a concrete pool. If you plan to buy a concrete pool, have you ever wanted to travel in time to the future and see what the construction process looks like?

Of course, time travel is the best solution to any question, but in this case we can give answers without it.

A company that specializes in manufacturing and installing fiberglass pools, but we also know concrete pools. We are here to help you.

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Here, on our blog, we provide information about the design of a particular pool, budgeting and general maintenance issues so that you can decide on a large pool with all the information.

The process of creating your specific pool is long and complicated, but there are four key aspects that you should consider when choosing your direction of travel:



Unbalanced Water Damage

Many different work teams

The construction of a concrete pool takes a lot of time.

The average construction period for a concrete pool is 3–6 months.

During this time, the concrete basin of the pool should remain empty for 30 days, while the concrete hardens. In comparison, a fiberglass pool takes only 3–6 weeks and is full of water by day 2.

Real conversation: There were cases at the River Basins when we begin to install a fiberglass pool, and a concrete pool is being built in the neighborhood (and for several months already). We will finish our project and leave, but this neighbor’s concrete pool will continue for several more weeks.

Honestly, I would have felt so smug if I had been this client. “Where is your new pool, Carol? Is it not done yet? What a disgrace. Well, I'm going to swim in my new pool. "This is a whole new level of keeping up with the Joneses." The concrete structure of the pool is dirty.

The entire pool structure is dirty, but the current concrete pool is very poor. Builders spray concrete from a hose and it gets everywhere. They try to hold back the mess, but it's a lot of dust and a lot of spraying.

Take this and multiply by 3–6 months. Talk about stressful situations. And you thought the dishes on the kitchen table were bad.

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